Sunday, 26 April 2009

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

Sat down and wanted to decide one of my rock favorites but nothing felt right.

This song felt right in some odd way.


My first Queen album Sheer Heart Attack I traded was it...ah yea Sabbath Bloody Sabbath. Ah well, Freddy Mercury that did 90% of what Queen is,
Im sorry all Queen fans but thats my opinion.

Did u guys know that in 2003, four new songs were recorded by Queen for Nelson Mandela's campaign against AIDS.
In 2006 May and Taylor announced that they gonna have a reunion, with Paul Rogers
And they even did an album called The Comos Rocks and that album saw the daylight in 2008, shame on me I havent heard it yet.. ah well ill dream away a bit and enjoying this tune hope u do as well.

Love Thetania

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jannelund said...

Such a great classic! Bra låt.