Friday, February 26, 2010

Jamie T & The Pacemakers - Earth, Wind and Fire

Jamie Alexander Treays (born 8 January 1986), known by his stage name Jamie T, is a 24-year-old English singer/songwriter from Wimbledon, South London.

Jamie T and The Pacemakers is out touring and did make a stop earlier today in Stockholm, Sweden. The last and final stop of this tour, so it got a little bit special. Jamie seams to be a nice guy, full of humor. He and his Pacemakers entered the stage to a sold out venue, even the extra (Bio salon behind huge glass windows) was it didn't take long before he notice it and wanted the guys to come down and later on he screams... release the fish from the aquarium ...hehe. They did a great show in my point of view, not really my cup of coffee, but still from time to time my legs started to shake. Liked a tune that called Earth Wind & Fire from his latest record "Kings & Queens".

The crew was great, specially liked the Back-line tech, a real veteran in the business who had travled with bands like Roxy Music, Morriesey, Dinosaur Jr, Placebo, My Bloody Valentine plus many more.

Todays tune isn't a single or that any video is made for it so i pic a live clip that i found, the original version is below on the Spotify link, check it up.

Earth, Wind and Fire @ Rock City Nottingham 19/01/10

More info @ Jamie T's Official Website or at Jamie T's Myspace Page

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