Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cradle Of Filth - Temptation

I guess we are odd and peculiar today as well. :-]

Cradle Of Filth cool mix of metal and...a bit of should i describe it,
Im thinking; bit of Kraftwerk and somthing else I cant put my finger on at the moment.

They are from England and started up in 1991.
And I think that Dani is the only one left from the
start, although Paul came in at 1992 the he
quitted -96 then came back 2000.

These guys are into painting....their eyes...or faces.
Here is Charles

The band's style has been described as symphonic
black metal, gothic black metal, and dark metal.
However, the band's evolving sound has allowed
them to continue resisting definitive categorisation.

Cradle consist of:
Dani Filth on lead vocals
Paul Allender on lead guitar
Charles Hedger on guitar
Dave Pybus on bass guitar
Martin Marthus Skaroupka on drums, percussion
Ashley Ellyllon on keyboards and backing vocals

This Ashley is one hell of a woman,
2009 she become the new keyboardist for
Cradle of Filth, replacing Rosie Smith.
Ashley was classically trained on piano since age six,
and on top of that she got her bachelor's degree
in Music Composition and Theory from
Arizona State University.
Thats something huh ?!

This tune comes from their 7th album Thornography.
Released in 2006.

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