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Rammstein - Rammstein

Monday, new week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

After ten years of waiting for a new album, now it finally came and what we have in our hands an album that shows the result of dedicated work of German brains that still are loyal to their own sound, the trademark of RAMMSTEIN has been to upset and make an impact of the masses, to get people to wake up from their screens and ordinary lives and the main thing is to create a rush through the impenetrable walls of political power, that is something you've really succeeded with over the years. But because it’s all in German, it’s not entirely clear which is which and what is what, but have tried to translate some of it but is not so easy to figure all out, but hey, does anyone listens to RAMMSTEIN for the lyrics??

The new self-titled album follows the path that they worked out in the last decade, Teutonic dance metal in their native language German. The first single and the opening number "Deutschland" gassed the whole German government with the catchy tune about the Holocaust in World War II. The second tune and single "Radio" is a disco-metal tune about growing up in East Germany (It was a country that existed from 1949 to 1990 when the eastern portion of Germany was part of the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War.) Choir hymns open up "Zeig Dich", mechanized riffs with a militant and Teutonic beats, big and powerful chorus. Euro-disco thrasher "Ausländer" with a kids choir in the chorus, a tune that easily could be a hit on the dance floor. Heavy riffs open up "Sex", a catchy number with a big electronic solo in the end. The experimental tune "Puppe" stands out a bit from the normal layout, reminds me of CAPTAIN BEEFHEART :) "Was Ich Liebe" half paced love piece until it slows down at the end of the album with the weepy ballad "Diamant" and "Weit Weg". "Tattoo" follows the old-school RAMMSTEIN template, heavy chugging riffs, hard drumming, angry and determined vocals. The album wraps up with the slow burner "Hallomann", builds up slowly to a powerful album closer. A really decent album release from these Pyroman's, catch them live this summer if you can.

Sum: RAMMSTEIN still can make some impact and upset peoples.

Today's tune "Radio", the second single from the new self titled album, enjoy!

Upcoming Live dates:

May 27, 2019 DE Gelsenkirchen Veltins-Arena SOLD OUT
May 28, 2019 DE Gelsenkirchen Veltins-Arena SOLD OUT
Jun 1, 2019 ES Barcelona RCDE Stadium
Jun 5, 2019 CH Bern Stade de Suisse SOLD OUT
Jun 8, 2019 DE Munich Olympiastadion SOLD OUT
Jun 9, 2019 DE Munich Olympiastadion SOLD OUT
Jun 12, 2019 DE Dresden Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion SOLD OUT
Jun 13, 2019 DE Dresden Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion SOLD OUT
Jun 16, 2019 DE Rostock Ostseestadion SOLD OUT
Jun 19, 2019 DK Copenhagen Telia Parken SOLD OUT
Jun 22, 2019 DE Berlin Olympiastadion SOLD OUT
Jun 25, 2019 NL Rotterdam De Kuip SOLD OUT
Jun 28, 2019 FR Paris Paris La Défense Arena SOLD OUT
Jun 29, 2019 FR Paris Paris La Défense Arena SOLD OUT
Jul 2, 2019 DE Hannover HDI Arena SOLD OUT
Jul 6, 2019 GB Milton Keynes Stadium MK
Jul 10, 2019 BE Brussels Stade Roi Baudouin SOLD OUT
Jul 13, 2019 DE Frankfurt am Main Commerzbank-Arena SOLD OUT
Jul 16, 2019 CZ Prague Eden Aréna SOLD OUT
Jul 17, 2019 CZ Prague Eden Aréna SOLD OUT
Jul 20, 2019 LU Luxembourg Roeser Festival Grounds SOLD OUT
Jul 24, 2019 PL Chorzów Stadion Śląski
Jul 29, 2019 RU Moscow Luzhniki Stadium
Aug 2, 2019 RU Saint Petersburg Gazprom Arena
Aug 6, 2019 LV Riga Lucavsala
Aug 10, 2019 FI Tampere Ratina Stadion SOLD OUT
Aug 14, 2019 SE Stockholm Stockholm Stadion SOLD OUT
Aug 18, 2019 NO Oslo Ullevaal Stadion SOLD OUT
Aug 22, 2019 AT Vienna Ernst-Happel-Stadion
Aug 23, 2019 AT Vienna Ernst-Happel-Stadion

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