Monday, 8 October 2018

Church of the Cosmic Skull - Science Fiction

Monday, a new week and it's time to present "Record Of The Week"

The British CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL is one of the most notable emerging psychedelic rock bands in the underground scene lately. With the second full-length album "Science Fiction". The album was released May 18, 2018.

CHURCH OF THE COSMIC SKULL is a twofold entity: a new religious movement who seek to free mankind from their material possessions and unify all living beings into a singular cosmic whole; and a 7-piece supergroup based in Nottingham UK playing Prog/Psych/'70s Rock/Pop.

The combination of guitar, Hammond organ, electric cello, bass, and drums is a tip of the hat to the MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA sound, but with six-part QUEEN-esque vocal harmonies, ABBA choir, GHOST melody, and THIN LIZZY pop-rock structures.

"Science Fiction" is a really fun, great sounding album with excellent tunes. It opens up with the half paced title tune "Science Fiction", organ-assisted riffs, choir vocals sing about 'the man with the silver hair', it accelerates in the choruses. Guitars and organ startup "Go by The River", with a smooth and groovy harmony, cleaver and excellent vocals arrangement make this a treat for your ears, same goes with the "Cold Sweat", a deep bassline along with a picking guitar riffs, Lynott-style vocals along with beautiful vocal toppings. "Revolution Comes With An Act Of Love", deep guitars, with lovely riffs, groovy organs, marching vocals that are not laughing to the fool. "Timehole (Gonna Build A Rocket Tonight)" is a hyperactive, desperate rocker, to the bluesy grooves in "The Cards That You’re Playing". "Paper Aeroplane & Silver Moon" starts off slowly with a church organ, naked vocals before it freakout to some psychedelic mayhem. Some lovely ballads can be found on the album like in "The Others" and album-ending "The Devil Again", both with some mournful organ chords, rich and nick picked guitars and lovely solo along with a soulful vocal performance.

"Science Fiction" is carefully arranged with astounding and flawless vocals, catchy song harmonies. That CHURCH has found a perfect combination to make an excellent and fun album that can brighten up your gray everyday life and with cool cover with the rainbow-filled artwork that makes your day.

SUM: If ABBA would have played some rock approach tunes, it might have sounded like this.


Guitar & Vocals - Brother Bill
Keys and Vocals - Brother Michael
Vocals - Sister Caroline
Vocals - Sister Joanne
Drums - Brother Laurence
Bass & Vocals - Brother Samuel
Cello & Vocals - Sister Amy

Today's tune "Cold Sweat" is taken from "Science Fiction", enjoy!

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