Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Lord Of Cyclopes - Haunted Breeze

"Haunted Breeze" is a tune by the Swedish 70's/Heavy/Stoner/Rockers LORD OF CYCLOPES.

The band was founded in Gothenburg – Sweden 2011. They released their first EP "The TakeOff" in 2015. The EP became critically acclaimed and they ended up on a tour in Germany in spring 2016. After the tour it was only a matter of time before they got signed and so they did, RAMBO MUSIC (GAIN/SONY) knocked on the door and it set the course for their full-length album "Karma Hammer", an album that was released 1: st December 2017.

If you love Stoner/Heavy Rock’n Roll, existential black holes and evil lurking creatures, it’s time to buckle up your ears and hold your breath on your way out into the unknown!


Joe ”Spectdrummer” Johansson - Super Engines
George ”Speedship” Winnberg - Electrics
Pelle ”Reckless” Stubelius - Captain
Jorge ”Rigger” B´Atz - Space Base Communications

Today's tune "Haunted Breeze" is the second single & a music video from the album "Karma Hammer", enjoy!

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