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Strängen - Rock På Svenska

Monday, time for "Record Of The Week".

"Rock På Svenska" is the postumt album by Strängen. During his career, he played guitar in HELLACOPTERS. Now one and a half years after his death, a new album with Strängen's original ideas is released.

The Story about the album.

Chips Kiesbye tells us that "Strängen" came home to him once a week, for six months. The seatings were like a mix of therapy meetings and songwriting. They reviewed each line of text and discussed what he wanted to say with the songs. They also set up their own "dogma rules". That means that all words must be true and right from the heart. No worn-out rock clichés was allowed. In December 2016 they considered having a really strong ready written album. They selected some of the songs that felt most obvious and booked the studio for a first session. It was not necessarily the strongest songs they chose first, but songs that they thought were appropriate to begin with. Unfortunately, it was only one session so they did not do everything they had imagined to do. Another things came in between.

Last year Robert "Strängen" Dahlqvist was taken away from us. He suffered from epilepsy. And just a few days after he had been in the studio together with the band, he got a strike at home in the bathtub and drowned. The producer Chips Kiesbye, known from SATOR, spoke with "Strängen" relatives. Together they decided to finish the recordings on the basis of the ideas "Strängen" and his band had been talked about during all the discussions and planning meetings. "Rock On Svenska" is the result of this work.

"Rock På Svenska" is a rocker with a great swing, in the native language he sings sensitive with very  personal lyrics about his upbringing, it's real, it's honest, it's true.  The album opens up with "Thriller" a real rocker, dirty AC/DC riffs, catchy chorus,  the tune is about that he is scary and fragile. "Farsan Söp Ihjäl Sig" is a fast paced rocker with a real sad story about his alcoholic dad. After that, it is very appropriate to ask "E de OK", he says that he is fine, everything is OK, but "All feelings gets into tears / When the air goes out " he sings. A sensitive tune. The pace goes up a notch in the rocker "Inte Min Vän".  The loving "Din Hand" is a great sunny reminder of all the things that's are nice in life. A nice melody thats accompanied by beautiful guitar riff. "Rocken É Inte Död" is a cool rocker about the radio the plays synth pop and not great rock music that his. "Bangatan" is a powerful and melody-strong rocker that was released as a single a couple of years ago. The album ends with the captivating tribute to the daughter, "Ingrid", a beautiful piece that reaches its emotional culmination.

 "Rock På Svenska" is a relaxed and strong 80's embossed rockalbum that is delivered so much heart and is emotionally charged and naked that "Strängen" can remain and receive all the praise for a job well done.

Sum: This album is a beautiful and worthy monument of a talented musician who was pulled away from life too early.

Today's tune "Rocken É Inte Död" is taken from "Rock På Svenska".  The video is a live recording from Record Store Day, Little §shop of records here in Stockholm April 16th 2016 Enjoy!

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