Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Oceans Of Slumber - Solitude

The Female-Fronted OCEANS OF SLUMBER Take CANDLEMASS's "Solitude" And Make It Totally Their Own. I mean they absolutely deliver on this phenomenal cover. With the amazing Vocalist Cammie Gilbert behind the microphone, she delivers a soulful performance, it's deep and heavy, a real heart breaker that gives the tune an excellent and unforgettable trip.

On February 1st OCEANS OF SLUMBER self-released a progressive metal whirlwind called Aetherial. Labeling a band like OCEANS OF SLUMBER is never quite as easy as one would think. The Houston band features in its ranks the drummer of grind purists INSECT WARFARE (among many others), a degreed Jazz guitarist, and an all-around cast of “players’ players.” What results from this collective of skilled musicians and a broad cross section of influence is the adventurous Aetherial. Musical classification is of no interest to the band however. Instead, OCEANS OF SLUMBER create waves of stimulating atmosphere and use their talents to exploit the dynamics of the music, thereby creating the undeniably epic wall of sound that has become the Texans’ trademark. The person responsible for the mixing and mastering of Aetherial, UK madman Russ Russell (NAPALM DEATH, DIMMU BORGIR, EVILE, etc.)

OCEANS OF SLUMBER are as comfortable drudging their way through doom-laden epic "Coffins Like Kites" as they are playing the caustic, country-tinged black metal of "Primordial," as well as shifting gears seamlessly into the soaring melodies of the KING CRIMSON inspired "Blackest Cloud" only to return to the sonic brutality that is the title track. Interpretation remains the province of the listener. With the intention of crossing every musical boundary, OCEANS OF SLUMBER creates an undeniable atmosphere of beauty and extremity with its very capable lineup of musicians.

Today's tune "Solitude" taken from OCEANS OF SLUMBER "Blue" EP. Tracked live at Origin Sound with Craig Douglas at the helm.

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