Wednesday, January 21, 2015

IAmFire - Burn Your Halo Red

IAmFire is psychedelic mindblowing rock in it´s heaviest, most life-affirming and trippiest form. It´s equal parts The Beatles "Revolver", Black Sabbath, in a unique accessible recipe.

IAmFire is the brainchild of Mikael and Ulf. Starting out as Sub Rosa, first as an instrumental combo with Mikael Ehlert, Ulf Scott Hansen and Peter Ahlers Olsen. Peter Dolving was invited a couple of years ago to join the festivities, bringing a whole new level of vocal harmonies and lyrical depth to follow the rabbit through the looking-glass.

IAmFire are truly roughneck veterans. The gentlemen of IAmFire have a past in bands like The Haunted, and Hatesphere, etc. They have been around the block, seen the sights, and came out on the other end still with a drive and passion. Musically inspired by everything from Sonic Youth, Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Led Zeppelin, Joy Division, and a love for Bill Hicks infamous "ride". Consider this is an invitation.

IAmFire welcomes you to step into a world of heavy and ecclectic, that very few touch. So get ready to get down with the groove. IAmFire lays it out in way that only bands like Mastodon, Torche and Neurosis come close to. Steeped in equal measures of heavy psychedelia, brutish grooves inspired by soul and 70´s rock, with Dolvings enigmatic voice lyrics through it all.

Come on down.

The seasoned four-piece consisting of:

Peter Dolving  (Rosvo, The Haunted, MaryBeatsJane etc.) - Vocals
Mikael Ehlert (BloodEagle, Hatesphere) - Bass and vocals
Ulf Scott Hansen (L.O.C, Suspekt, Great Deciever, Tech9) - Drums
Peter Ahlers Olsen (MOB) - Guitar

Todays tune "Burn Your Halo Red" is taken from IAmFire's "Eyes Wide Open" 10" to be released on january 2015 via Deadlight Entertainment.

"Eyes wide open" was produced and mixed by Jacob Bredahl @ Dead Rat Studio, Aarhus, Denmark, and mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege, Portland, Oregon. Brad has previously done work for bands like Sleep, Off!, Corrosion of conformity, SunnO))), Obituary etc.

More info @
Offical IAmFire Web

Sorry no Spotify yet, will update up on release.

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Paul Bradley said...

Wow this is awesome, thanks for the this and rock on!