Friday, 9 January 2015

Grand Magus - Kingslayer

Today it's time to present category four (Best 00's) from the annual hard rock evening that is always on eve of Twelfth Night. To follow up the theme and the red thread for this years record I decided to choose to jump back to Sweden and pick a tune of the more Heavy Metal vibe but with a love feeling of doom. The best choice for the Best 00's would be the Swedish riff-lords Grand Magus with their full-on metal assault "Kingslayer"

With seven albums, Grand Magus has created a unique sound and style, the metal purists manage to better their highly celebrated 2010 masterpiece "Hammer Of The North" and 2012 smoker "The Hunt" with the latest effort "Triumph and Power". The Sweden trio has always consequently sticked to its own path of evolution without ever leaving behind the gathered experiences – they’ve never casted off their early days’ groove nor their love for epic doom or extreme metal. These trademarks are now being paired with traditional riffs and melodies that rock in the same qualitative league as Judas Priest or Dio have and the basics from Black Sabbath. The guitars roar, the rhythm front around the new drummer Ludwig (Spiritual Beggars and others) grooves as hell and JB outgrows himself as far as the vocals are concerned. Thus, the band has created a phenomenal and impressive heavy metal opus!

This years line up of categories was:

1. Best 70's - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
2. Best 80's - Candlemass - Solitude
3. Best 90's - Sleep - Dragonaut
4. Best 00's - Grand Magus - Kingslayer
5. Best 10's
6. Free Card
7. Free Card
8. Free Card

Enjoy this full-on metal assault.

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Christofer said...

Just det ja, den skivan skulle jag ju köpa. Tack för påminnelsen. :)

Stones said...

Det gör du helt rätt i :)

Chief Rebel Angel said...

Verkligen. Helt jäkla skitbra, både låten och skivan!

Stones said...

Låten är kanon! Skivan är faktiskt riktigt bra den med!