Thursday, February 18, 2010

Morbid Angel - Where the Slime Live

Y0o0o Here we go..Lets get really Evil and peculiar :p
Morbid Angel...
A bit darker than yesterdays tune, dont u think ?

Who are those people ?
Let me check....uuuhm.
They acually come from a town
I lived in for 4 years, Tampa in sunny Florida.
They begun as early as 1983.
Debuted with the album "Altars of Madness" in 1998
They done 8th albums and the 9th are on its way.

Their current members are.
Trey Azagthoth - guitar, guitar synthesizer, keyboards, backing vocals
Pete Sandoval - drums, percussion
David Vincent - bass guitar, vocals
Destructhor - guitar
Trey is the one that was in from the start.
This mysterious Destructhor took awhile
finding, but his real name is
Thor Anders Myhren and comes from Norway.

The band's original lyrical themes focused mostly on Satanism,
Occultism and anti-Christian subject matter,
but from Blessed Are the Sick onward,
the lyrics slowly moved toward the ancient Sumerian gods.

This tune comes from their 4th album "Domination"
Trey and David wrote it.

Headbang with me!

Love, Thetania

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