Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hughes & Thrall - I Got Your Number

Hughes & Thrall was musical rock project formed in 1982 by former Deep Purple and Trapeze bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes and guitarist journeyman Pat Thrall.

Around musicians this project is cited as a favourite album. By all accounts Glenn Hughes (bass and vocals in MK III and IV Deep Purple) 'stole' guitarist Pat Thrall after seeing him play with Pat Travers when that band opened for Def Leppard.

With Hughes suffering from addiction and alcohol abuse, this album was never really going to happen. The album is based of the classic 80's hard rock with a mixture of the funk styles so beloved of Hughes and a fusion texture from Thrall and it contains some very good material. Glenn's great vocal style is used well and creates some great effects of the tunes. Need to listen to tunes are 'The First Step of Love' (a real epic) and 'Muscle & Blood' (Great Riffs and heavy piece). The album was co-produced and mixed by Andy Johns, who had previously worked with the likes of Led Zeppelin, Free and The Rolling Stones.

Todays tune is one of the few videos that was made during this time, its a classic 80's tune, Enjoy!

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