Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Itchy Daze - Monster

Itchy Daze is a Swedish rock punk band, born at a midsummer party in Hofors, 2005. Their debut album "Daze Of Our Lives" is produced by legendary Patrik Frisk who also been behind the swedish rockers Takida's breakthrough and super-hit Curly Sue.
Itchy Daze is one of those 5 bands that is going to perform at Bandits Most Wanted tomorrow. Itchy Daze has gotten a nice air play on the station with the tune "Monster" witch is a rock ballad with great class.

Todays tune is "Monster" from the album "Daze Of Our Lives", Enjoy!

First video is the tune only!

Second video is from a TV show, so it has some advertising before the tune, bare with it and see the video.

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