Monday, December 28, 2009

Crucified Barbara - Jennyfer

Crucified Barbara is a Swedish all-female metal band, formed in Stockholm in 1998. Their music may best be described as a cross between heavy metal, Thrash metal and rock'n'roll. Today they will open up for Europe at Hovet in Stockholm.

Crucified Barbara's sophomore album, Til Death Do Us Party, was released in Scandinavia on 11 February, 2009. It was produced in part by Mats Levén (known for producing albums by Yngwie Malmsteen, Krux, and Therion, among other bands within that genre.

Todays tune "Jennyfer" is taken from thier new album. Its a duet with the album producer Mats Levén.

First video is "Live Tarbes La Gespe 28/11/2009"

Second video is "Live in Eskilstuna Aug 28 2009"

Third video is a still version, but with full audio.

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