Monday, 11 January 2021

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou - May Our Chambers Be Full

Monday, new week and it's time for another "Record Of The Week".

"May Our Chambers Be Full" is a collaboration between the Kentucky folk singer-songwriter Emma Ruth Rundle & Louisiana sludge/doom rockers THOU. Emma Ruth Rundle is know for her dark lyrics and melancholic solo works and has been releasing big bunch of fantastic albums since starting her solo career. In the other hand we have the sludge/doomers THOU that is one of the most acclaimed and consistent DIY metal bands. A mix between these two oddly couple could be an very intressting machup. But somehow it sounds and feels natural. The slightly blackened smooth voice gives the lead heavy, dark and anxious a completely magical angle that as first I didn't was possible.

"May Our Chambers Be Full" is a seven track album, with a spinning time of thirty six minutes. The album opens up with half pace piece "Killing Floor", which from the begining showcase a great fusion between two respectful parties, where Emma Ruth Rundle's lyrics intertwined with the heavier artillery of THOU musical craftmanship. THOU's vocalist Bryan Funck adds some contrast with screamings and deep growling sounds. The heavy doomy grunge rocker "Monolith" give the album a twist where the mind plays back still images of SMASHING PUMKINS that gets hunted by hormone stint Ozzy. "Out Of Existence" is an epic and atomspheric tune, where Funck’s vocal range is marvelous along with Rundle's softiness. "Ancestral Recall" follows the same line as the previous track but with more darkness. "Magickal Cost" is a real beauty in that opens up as a ballad in the best Chelsea Wolfe way until it blows up similar to a violent oil leak when THOU takes over and when Rundle comes back it returns to the more natural state. The album closes up with the nearly nine minutes "The Valley", a gloomy and powerful piece, atmospheric violin (by Louis Michot) caresses Rundle's silky voice, slips forward slowly on safe feet and just before the end of the song simply take the wrong turn and where the collision is a fact when THOU rides in with brutal guitars. "May Our Chambers Be Full" is a remarkable collaboration between musicians from diffrent gengres that knows how to work together and build on each other's skills.

"May Our Chambers Be Full" was released on October 30, 2020 through Sacred Bones Records as a part of the label's 'Alliance Series'. Recording sessions took place in August 2019 at Hightower Studios in New Orleans.

Sum: If there was ever a album made for these worried times, then "May Our Chambers Be Full" is the one.

"The Helm Of Sorrow" is the companion EP to Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou's 2020 collaborative LP, "May Our Chambers Be Full". It was recorded during the same 2019 sessions that yielded the album, and it includes the project's cover of THE CRANBERRIES' "Hollywood." This EP is included in the DIE HARD version of "May Our Chambers Be Full".

Today's tune "Magickal Cost" is taken from "May Our Chambers Be Full", enjoy!

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