Wednesday, 27 April 2011

C.B Murdoc - 10199045

Heya Again.. Time for the supports band of the Meshuggah gig.

The first band was C.B Murdoc!

A band that really sounded good, hard brutal metal with a great melody.
I liked it a lot, havent really read much about them. Tryed to find out the names of em all...but it was harder than I thought haha Ah well Ill find out.

Stones took one pic of them, here it is.

I found a Facebook page and a Myspace page so u can get more info about em.

Starkmusic says this about them:
"I can definitely appreciate the groups that deliver music with brutal conviction, technical precision and a fury across all boundaries in an album. Live, however, tend to be a different story. You can cheat in the studio, but then delivers the entire package live is sometimes end in disaster. With CB Murdoc began with that I just stood and gaped over the guys extreme live delivery of technology, musical contortions, energy and consistent burst of energy.

A variegated collection of people on stage who delivered in full and that was really fun to see. I can happily say that the album, delivers! "Two in One" is two four-song recordings dated 2007 and in 2008 merged into a album. Looks like an album, sounds like an album, it is an album. The whole band, minus bassist John Hansen, was previously in the not entirely unknown band "Mörk Gryning". Certainly the death trends still there, but this is an entirely different musical delivery with technology, hardcore brutality".

I found a "only sound" videos with them and I picked this tune...

Cheers Folks, Thetania


Chief Rebel Angel said...

Helt klart var C.B Murdoch bra. Måste kolla upp mer!

Stones said...

Ja dom hade ett bra sväng.