Sunday, 15 November 2009

Leather Nun - Ensam I Natt

The Leather Nun were a Swedish rock group.(1979 - 2009) Ended the area after the last reunion "Re:loaded" earlier this year, Jonas Almquist announced that the Leather Nun ceased to exist, this is the end, so you who was lucky to see them perform during this year, be proud that you could take part of the Swedish Punk Music history.

2 says ago after work i was passing by Stockholm, no Sweden's best record store "Pet Sounds" for a visit to see if i can find something new for the weekend to listen to. After going thru the Vinyl section and didn't find anything that could please me enough, i did a check in the single (7") and whoa, what do i see, an old Vinyl of The Leather Nun's (Ensam I Natt) i bought that instantly. This is one of the few tunes that The Leather Nun actually do in there main language, witch is kinda cool, its a great tune. It's released under their Swedish name "Lädernunnan". A-side recorded in Gothenburg in Oct 1981. Mixed in the B-studio of Decibel, Stockholm Sweden, Nov 1981. B-side recorded Live in Binaural Stereo at Scala Cinema, London UK, Feb 28th 1980. See the cover on top :)

Todays tune is "Ensam I Natt" with The Leather Nun, 2 version as well, 1:st is a recording from this summer (Peace and Love Festival 2009) under the name "LEATHER NUN RE:LOADED" Musicians on this tour was Jonas Pettersson (Glorious Bankrobbers) - kompgitarr, Jonas Almquist (Leather Nun) - sång, Nikke Ström (Nationalteatern) - bas, Hempo "Bonham" Hildén - trummor. Thomas Silver (fd Hardcore Superstar) - gitarr. Enjoy!

2:nd version is the original tune, Enjoy!

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