Monday, 5 April 2021

Psychlona - Venus Skytrip

Monday, new week, it's time for "Record Of The Week".

Today we are doing a little flashback on the previous year, 2020. For a heady portion of fuzzy riffs and desert-driven grooves with the second LP "Venus Skytrip" from UK rock merchants PSYCHLONA.

So get ready and enter the ship that will take you on a ride at the "Venus Skytrip", buckle up as there are no escaping from the hum-worthy refrains and hypnotic grooves of the eight tracks of the new album with PSYCHLONA. Any of these fuzz-wreathed tunes could be a single or video. The quality of the album is coherent at a high level, overflowing with heavy riffing that you can feel the sand between your toes, the grooviness makes it really hard to stand still without shaking a piece of your meat bag, where we get soaring melodies and psychedelic drony harmonies and excellent vocals with really captivating hum-worthy refrains already from the brilliant opening tune "Blast Off", to get electrocute on "10000 Volts", groovy "Blow", the tar-thick fuzz "Star", the bass-rumbling "Edge Of The Universe", to the beautiful "Resin" that blows you away in the crescendo that follows by the desert rock stomper "Tijuana" until its time for the nine minutes closing piece "The Owl", where we get a last trippy doom moment in the return ride home of this fantastic album. So get on this skytrip and head for Venus.

Sum: "Venus Skytrip" is a brilliant desert rock album!

"Venus Skytrip" was released August 21, 2020, via Cursed Tongue Records. Artwork by Kyrre Bjurling.

Phil - Guitar/Vocals
Dave - Guitar/Vocals
Martyn - Bass
Scott - Drums

Today's tune "Blast Off" is taken from "Venus Skytrip", enjoy!

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