Monday, 12 April 2021

Wheel - Preserved In Time

Monday, a new week and it's time to present "Record Of The Week".

WHEEL is a german Traditional Doom Metal band that was formed in 2006 in Dortmund, Germany.

And now after eight years, they are back with their third album "Preserved In Time" on the label Cruz del Sur. An album that gets you back to the prime time of the true, epic doom of the highest order in the vein of CANDLEMASS, SOLITUDE AETURNUS, and TROUBLE!

"Preserved In Time" is a forty-eight-minute, seven songs with an epic length of slo-mo, emotional doom that gets to be an early favorite of another shitty year! As on this record, the long creation time is well spent, as they feel so much stronger and doomier than ever before and that can clearly be heard on the opening tune "At Night They Came Upon Us", where the slowly-grinding wagon wheel by Benjamin Homberger guitar, the thick bass line Marcus Grabowski and the tight and well-swinging drummer Carsten Jercke and the fabulous vocals by Arkadius Kurek. The high key in Kurek's vocal gives crawling goosebumps and high low key is smooth as silk where its clearly can be heard in "When The Shadow Takes You Over", a half paced ballad-like with a melancholic vibe, beautiful harmonies, marvelous vocals, I can just stand up and clap my hands. Thundering drum playing by Jercke is served in "After All", a tune that flows in a more mournful way in a big space. In "She Left In Silence" we get another powerful piece, big chorus, a swirling solo by Homberger glowing guitar. "Aeon Of Darkness" follows the powerful and epic way, acoustic guitar slings are added to spicy up this melodic piece a bit, truly wonderful in all its way. The dramatic "Hero Of The Weak", shows up another side of the band with a more modern presentation with some guttural vocals parts. The album closes up with the glorious nine minutes "Daedalus" that floating between heavy bass riffs, hard-hitting drums, crunching guitar riff and swirling solos, to a more shimmering and more withdrawn way, but oh so beautiful part where the vocals caress the drums and the guitar and bass plays easily until it's time to let loose again, totally mind-blowing!

"Preserved In Time" is an excellent traditional doom delight, a true gem, a record that I highly recommend to check up!

WHEEL consists of:
Benjamin Homberger (guitars),
Marcus Grabowski (bass),
Arkadius Kurek (vocals),
Carsten Jercke (drums)

Sum: Preserved In Time is the strongest doom album so far, 2021!

Today's tune "She Left In Silence", taken from "Preserved In Time", released April 9, 2021, by Cruz Del Sur.

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