Thursday, 26 March 2020

Testament - Powerslave

Thursday, time for a cover.

Today's tune "Powerslave" is the title song from the fifth studio album by the English heavy metal band IRON MAIDEN, released on 3 September 1984 on EMI in Europe and its sister label Capitol Records in North America. It was re-released by Sanctuary/Columbia Records in the United States in 2002.

The album's cover artwork is notable for its Ancient Egypt theme. That theme, taken from the title track, was carried over to the album's supporting tour, the World Slavery Tour. This began in Warsaw, Poland on 9 August 1984; it is widely regarded as being the band's longest and most arduous tour to date, and led to the live album "Live After Death".

"Powerslave" is about an arrogant Pharaoh in his dying hours. Because he's been raised to think he's a god, he can't understand why he's about to die and fights it in vain. He also feels overwhelmed by the power of death, and thinks sardonically about his heir. Just before he dies, he promises to return as a mummy. The album cover shows a pyramid with a giant statue of the Pharaoh (reminiscent of the Sphinx), with the bands mascot Eddie as the Pharaoh. The artwork inside the album also carried this theme.

Lead singer Bruce Dickinson wrote this. He claims this is a sequel, or somehow linked to his previous song "Revelations." The back of the album "Somewhere In Time" shows pyramids behind the city in a reference to this.

Cover art designer Derek Riggs once again slipped his logo into his artwork. His logo is a unique symbol which depicts his initials, a mirrored D and an R on the right hand side. In this case, it's right above the "entrance" to the pyramid (Eddie's crotch).

All those years jamming the Maiden, you never realized Tom Cruise was the one who killed the Powerslave. That bastard.

Anyway, today's cover is made by the American thrash metal band TESTAMENT, the tune is taken from the eleventh studio album "Dark Roots Of Earth", enjoy!

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