Thursday, 13 February 2020

Kråkslott - Häxsabbat

The decrepit house erupts for a short moment as the crows flee their home and sanctuary. Cobwebs dance in their wingbeats. The paint is flaking of the outer panels and the windows are all broken in unthinkable patterns. The blackest smoke seeps from a door that gently creeks open to lure you in. Gloom grips and lingers as you step inside. A soft whistle grows into a painful song. A song about witchcraft. And demons chant the end of worlds.

KRÅKSLOTT, founded in 2018, is a heavy doom trio from Stockholm, Sweden. Their sound is dark and very heavy, slow with massive guitar drones with classic stoner doom vibes. The band name is actually a Swedish word, which roughly translates to "old dilapidated building".

Band Members:
David Nyström - Bass
Per-Robin Eriksson - Guitar & Vocals
Nisse Härdfeldt - Drums

In 2019 they released their first single "Feathered Dragon Snake", the debut album arrived on January 17, 2020.

Today's tune "Häxsabbat" is taken from the self-titled debut.

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