Monday, 15 July 2019

Year Of The Goat - Avaritia

This summer, Swedish occult rock masters YEAR OF THE GOAT return with their brand new opus "Novis Orbis Terrarum Ordinis", set to release September 6th. The first single "Avaritia" (see it below) is a real gem in the finest occult rock full of blackened heart`s blood and elegiac melody lines that will haunt your dreams! Really looking forward to the new album after hearing this.

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Says the band:

"Four years of neverending lust for creativity. Four years of gluttony and decadence within our most sacred temple. Four years of unspeakable boiling wrath. Four years of greed filled wastefulness. Now, envy us in our moment of pride. "

The Video was Directed and edited by Valentin Mellström, Dancer: Courtney Stohlton, Videography by Antony Keane Alvarez (dancer footage), Joel J Holmqvist (band footage).

Enjoy today's tune!

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