Monday, 21 August 2017

The Diamond Man Clan - Mediocre

Monday, New Week and it's time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

There is no doubt that Sweden can produce great rock. We all know SKRAECKOEDLAN, GHOST, GRAVEYARD, HONG FAUX, GREEN LEAF, DOOZER, GIN LADY, IN FLAMES and can continue to line up band after band, the list will be long but I decided to end with the flag on the top :)

TDMC (THE DIAMOND MAN CLAN) is one of those. Gothenburg Blues and Dirty Stoner Rock with a folkish pop melody, hooky killer riffs that will stun you and great honest lyrics from a vocalist that kick ass.

"Mediocre" is a really fun album to spinn. An album with a interesting variation, For one second they stand on a small half rotten stage in a basement far far away, where the condensation drops from the ceiling and the floor is stickier than glue, the smells of dismissed beer obscures the atmosphere. To the next second they stand there in the sun on the balcony, barefoot, with their dirty trashed jeans, white muddy t-shirt and half-broken braces and singing for the wild nature that moves in line with the music. But most of the time they stand in the middle of those two and serves the listener with good mix of great tunes. The album is much better than the album title says "Mediocre".

The album contains some really good tunes like the title track stoner alike "Mediocre", blues rocker "Sweet Caroline", the redneck, balcony rocker "Help Me Love Again", the half pace "Wade", the more popisher "A Reason And A Way" with a great melodic verse to the powerful "The Huntsmen And The Hounds".

Sum: "Mediocre" is an album you should not miss, check it up.

TDMC concits of:

Paul Bäcklin – Vocals, guitar 
Johan Weber – Guitar 
Olof Gadd – Bass 
Anton Olofsson – Percussion 
Felix Leonhart Sjöberg – Drums 

Today's tune "Mediocre" is the title tune from the latest album with TDMC, enjoy!

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