Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Kadavar - The Old Man

The German psychedelic rock band KADAVAR have released their third studio album "Berlin". This is the first album fully featuring new bassist Simon Bouteloup as founding members Lindemann and Bartelt continue to feature.

The bonus track on this album is a cover of Nico's Reich der Träume. The band will go on a European tour throughout November and December to promote the album.

The record was released on 21 August 2015 with a vinyl record of four versions.

After working for four months in the studio, the band finalized the production process of the new album on 1 June, according to their facebook page.

Drummer and producer Christoph "Tiger" Bartelt commented the following:

 "About ten years ago, when we - independently of one another - moved to Berlin, we just wanted to break free from home and do something new. I thought it was comfortable, to blend in and just live from day to day. A lot of very long nights and so many completely different people at one place. Where there are opposites you can always ground yourself. We’re all different, come from different places but have managed to create something together we all like. I think the Berlin lifestyle has influenced our band very much and therefore fits perfectly as the album’s title."

The eleventh track of the record 'Into The Night' was chosen by pro skater Riley Hawk in his compilation album Riley Hawk: Northwest Blow Out EP presented by Scion AV.  

The band, who were founded in Berlin, 2010, show attributes of both psychedelic rock and stoner rock in their music. They are considered retro rock due to their sound being described as similar to bands of the 70s hard rock/heavy metal era. KADAVAR currently consists of three members.

Today's tune "The Old Man" is taken from the album "Berlin"

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