Wednesday, 4 February 2015

HOG - Halo Turns Black

HOG is a metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. HOG was founded in 2010 and consists of a bunch of tough guys from Sweden and Denmark.

In November last year they release their second video "Halo Turns Black" taken from the bands debut EP "Take Me To Your God". The band plays a prodigious style of metal with a distinct character, heavy as lead with hard bludgeoning drums and distorted bass that moves forward like a aggressive steamroller. The compounded steam engine consists of melodic vocals mixed with loud mouthed growls and intricate, tricky and crunching riffs that controls the monster on the right course.

HOG is working on new material and a new single is expected to be released in early spring and an album during the summer 2015. The band is booked for a show at WTM (Wheres The Music) festival in Norrköping, Sweden at February 14.

HOG Consists of:

Niels Andersen (GrowlHOG)
Fredrik Ljunge (RiffHOG)
Mattias Lundmark (DrumHOG)
Zander (BassHOG)

Todays tune "Halo Turns Black" is taken from the bands debut EP "Take Me To Your God".

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