Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Elvenking - The Solitaire

The evolution of ELVENKING is quite impressive. With constant quality, the Italians have become one of Europe’s leading folk band. At the same time, the band managed to refine their unique sound.

Regarding their brand new release “The Pagan Manifesto“, it’s obvious that ELVENKING – again – have exceeded themselves and deliver the most rich and mature album of their career so far. While 2012’s “Era” album marked something like a new beginning for the band, ELVENKING continue right there but also extend the folk part, revisiting releases like the debut “Heathenreel”, the follow-up “Wyrd” and 2006’s “The Winter Wake”.

“The Pagan Manifesto” is a return to the bands Pagan Roots and sees a return to their original idea, concept and sound both lyrically and musically.

Just take the 13-minute epic track “King Of The Elves”, featuring Amanda Somerville (Avantasia, Kiske/Somerville) as guest. With “Elvenlegions” (which will be the album’s first single), ELVENKING release a very special song, dedicated to their fans. Folk rules supreme in “Moonbeam Stone Circle” and “Towards The Shores” gives you the ballad feel. Whatever ELVENKING do, they do well. And with “The Pagan Manifesto”, they brought their unique sound to perfection.

ELVENKINGs music draws their inspiration from very different genres such as metal, folk, hard rock, pop, prog and classical music.

Current members:

Damnagoras – vocals
Aydan – guitars
Rafahel - guitars
Jakob – bass
Symohn – drums
Lethien – violin

Elvenking is a folk/power metal band from Sacile, Italy. As of 2014, they have released one demo, one single, and eight full-length studio albums.

Todays tune "Solitaire" is taken from the eighth studio album "The Pagan Manifesto", released in May 2014.

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