Monday, 8 July 2013

John Mayall - Vacation

Today, we take a little vacation, that means there will be no record of the week today, there will be no Tune Of The Day tomorrow, because we are on a beach and soaks in the sun and maybe sipping on a juicy umbrella drink, relaxing and reading a book, listening to some good music and paint a little.

We are back again in a few weeks when the steam is returned, the bodies are really tanned, plenty of mosquito bites and a network that works.

Have a super great summer everyone and see you again soon, rock on!

In closing, we need some tones that suites in with this, so why not some lovely Blues with John Mayall.

Todays tune "Vacation" is taken from his 1968 album "Blues from Laurel Canyon" It was his first album after the breakup of his band the Bluesbreakers on 14 July 1968. It was also his last album with Decca before moving to Polydor.

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