Friday, 29 June 2012

Corroded - Age Of Rage

I want to play for u all today a tune that reminds me of summer !
In Stockholms its SUN today :D Looove it.
My last free day b4 i ride up to Gävle and start building the Getaway Rock Festival..

So many good bands that Ill get into trouble for sure :D

This band Corroded will be there, so Ill take some pics and get into this post later on.

Another band that I ADORE is Meshuggah MMNAM NAM NAM :D
Or let me refrase that, 2 bands...ENGEL  YUMMY!! Its gonna be so fun to see Steve Drennan again.

Corroded, is a Swedish heavy metal band from the town Ånge.
Was formed 2004, and has a big hit with 6th Ft. Of Anger and Time And Again.

 More info @

Metal/Rock People, here is Corroded!

Dig it Folks, Thetania

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woodsmanfred said...

Thankie! Nja... Känner mest igen frustrationen från Nintendos Cobra Triangle i början av 90-talet, riffen brukar sätta sig lite snabbare!

Thetania said...

Hehe, se där ja...
Vad gillar du lördagens tune då?