Saturday, 23 June 2012

Lizette & - Happy Birthday MF

The day after midsummer, where everyone is a bit small tough after a fantastic day in Broby, Kungsör, where we celebrated midsummer and congratulated Peter Von Panajott on his birthday. The children went swimming in the pool, Tomas Johansson built a real Midsummer "Metal" pole, we grilled, drove electric-car race in the woods, visited Broby murderer's house and sang in the night. A fantastic day with the best friends.

Today most have a pain in the wig and maybe not feel so good, but some brave scrambles up to celebrate one more day. Because today, is in fact Thetania birthday, so she got breakfast in bed, little gifts and soon awaits barbecue with friends and family.

Here is a little song to show our love to Thetania on her birthday.

Sorry no Spotify on this one, but check up other tunes with Lizette & on Spotify

1 comment:

Thetania said...

Thank You So much!! :D
Ye we had a ball last night :D and today im a bit....erm...not that alert but the day so far is great ;D

Thank you for all the gifts :D

Cheers Mother Fuckers!