Friday, 22 June 2012

Midsommar in Sweden - Director's Cut

In Sweden On This Day we celebrate Midommar, we build a maypole, with leaves and flowers and then we dans around it and sings silly tune haha SOO weird but its a tradition thats really counts here in sweden. The pole is a manly u can see :D  Then we drink and eat good and have a party all night.

On the way home, girls and young women are supposed to pick seven different species of flowers and lay them under their pillows. At night, their future husbands appear to them in a dream.

                                      Victoria and Monica Midsummer 2 years ago..

Beautyful :D

Folks, This is an exaggerated midsummer in Sweden :D!
Happy Midsummer To All Of You!

Love you all, Thetania

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