Friday, 13 May 2011

Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult - (Dont) Waste It

Tonight Doctor Midnight & The Mercy Cult playing at Göta Källare in Stockholm Sweden.
The super group is filled with known people from lotsa band

Hans Erik Dyvik Husby (aka Hank von Hell, TURBONEGRO) - Vocals
Anders Odden (SATYRICON) - Guitar
David Husvik (EXTOL) - Drums
Audun Stengel (APOPTYGMA BERZERK) - Guitar

Hans Erik Dyvik Husby was in Turbonegro was a Norwegian punk rock band that was initially active from 1989 to 1998, and later reformed in 2002, and later split in 2010. Their style combines glam rock, punk rock and hard rock into a style the band describes as "deathpunk".
Hans Erik has also filmed a film about a great Swedish/Holland artist named Cornelius, and he did a great job.
It have been a lot of writings about Hans Erik Dyvik Husby and his great turn from being a drug addict to a clean person with integrity. As i met him all I can say is ..Wow he is a great person so humble and nice. I have deeply respect his choice! I really don't like drugs.

Tim Sköld officially joined Marilyn Manson in 2002 after the departure of bassist Twiggy Ramirez. At this time, not only was Sköld the bassist for the band, but he was also producing, editing, creating artwork, electronics, programming drums and beats, playing guitar, keyboards, accordion and synthesizer bass for the album The Golden Age of Grotesque.
He is described by Manson as, "the power that attitude brings to an album"

Anders Odden started out as a black metal musician and artist in the mid 80s, and went on to start one of Norway's first death metal bands, Cadaver, in 1988. He went on with bands like Apoptygma Berzerk and Magenta, and reunited Cadaver in the late 1990s. He released two more albums with Cadaver, and toured with Morbid Angel, Extreme Noise Terror, Mayhem, before ending Cadaver in 2004. He toured the world with Apoptymga Berzerk until Celtic Frost recruited him as their live guitarist in 2006.

David Husvik was in Extol and that is a Christian progressive extreme metal band from Bekkestua, Norway that formed in 1993.

Audun Stengel played in Apoptygma Berzerk this is a Norwegian musical group. They have achieved success with a brand of synthpop, and ballads backed with electronic rhythms, commonly known within the scene and referring to themselves as "futurepop".

Their tour dates are:

Date Venue Location
May 13 Göta Källare Stockholm, Sweden
May 14 Metallsvenskan Örebro, Sweden
Jun 17 Metaltown Festival Gothenburg, Sweden
Jun 18 Refshaleoen Copenhagen, Denmark
Jun 30 Peace & Love Borlänge, Sweden
Jul 07 Getaway Rock festival Gävle, Sweden
Jul 14 Slottsfjell Tønsberg, Norway
Jul 15 Bukta Festival Tromsø, Norway
Jul 16 Jorddunst Festival Frøya, Norway
Jul 28 Storsjöyran Östersund, Sweden

Okey Dudes and Dudettes, Here is DMTMC (Just sound)

Peace, Thetania

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