Saturday, 14 May 2011

Backdraft - Idiot

A few days ago, a friend (”Jojje” the bassplayer from Supralunar) and I visit to Lilla Hotellbaren/Scandic Malmen at Folkkungagatan 47 to see Backdraft’s gig. Backdraft’s bass player Mats help to run Stockholm’s only old-school country/blues/soul/roots club ”Club Nuggets” the second Thursday every month at Lilla Hotellbaren/Scandic Malmen.

Backdraft is Swedish rockband with influences from southern roots. After having made their entrance on the scene with the fairly straight-forward southern rock debut Here To Save You All in the fall of 2001 – lauded by some critics as the best in the field in more than twenty years, and this by a Swedish band! – and then taking a few years off before returning with 2007’s The Second Coming, Backdraft now back with This Heaven Goes To Eleven – their third, most ambitious album to date.

So this time it was Mats and his own band to take the stage, along with Uppsala blues man Einar (Allan Coe) who did a warm up numbers, who can also be found in punk rockers Obnoxious Youth and also perform under the Anal Karaktär moniker. I must say that this guy is truly amazing with his blues, it sounded great.

Shortly after Einar it was time for Backdraft to enter the stage, they did a semi-acoustic, slightly countrified boogie set, first time i heard them like this and holy moses it sounded great, with this setlist, the semi-acoustic approach they could play at any bar in Nashville and do huge success. Some musicians, such as "Mats Johansson" and "David Johannesson” from Mustasch and Fredrik Jansson from Witchcraft and Petri from Supralunar and a few others was there and checking out Backdraft

The dj:s was Veronica Mazurkiewicz and Daniel Josefsson

Left to right: Jonas Åhlén (vocals), Mats Rydström (bass), Jon Sundberg (guitar), Niklas Matsson (drums), Robert Johansson (guitar).
Photo: Hartmut Moewius

Here is some photos from the evening!

Einar (Allan Coe)

Todays tune ”Idiot” is taken from their latest album "This heaven goes to eleven"

Backdraft performing ”Idiot” Live at Club 7 Sins, Athens, November 27 2010.

Backdraft performing ”Idiot” Live at Marie Laveau, Stockholm Mars 31 2011, Sweden

Backdraft performing ”Idiot” Album version, sound only.

More info @ Official Backdraft Website

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Backdraft är riktigt bra, otroligt skönt sväng i deras låtar.