Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Skinny Puppy - Haze

Skinny Puppy is a Canadian industrial band, formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 1982. The group is widely considered to be the founders of the electro-industrial subgenre.
Initially envisioned as an experimental side project by cEvin Key while he was in the new wave band Images In Vogue, Skinny Puppy evolved into a full-time project with the addition of vocalist Nivek Ogre. Over the course of a dozen studio albums and many live tours, Key and Ogre have been the only constant members.

Skinny Puppys sounds are fusing elements of ambient, noise, new wave, electro and rock music and making innovative use of sampling. Over the course of several tours of North America and Europe in this period, they became known for theatrical, horror-themed live performances and videos, drawing attention to issues such as animal testing and chemical warfare.

Last night Skinny Puppys tour landed in Sweden for a show. It was a really interesting evening, as i have never seen this act before as far as i can recall...hehe you never know...they might have attend at a festival before where i have been. Anyway, this evening was very cool, their lightning show was very cool, they used only projectors all over the stage, nice, not any Par cans or moving lights here. The show was as i could imagine based on horror, alot of blood and very spooky, suit the musical show very good. Nivek Ogre is a great performer.

Todays tune "Haze" is taken from the tenth studio album "Mythmaker" 2007. Enjoy!

More info @ The Official Skinny Puppy Website or at Skinny Puppys MySpace

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