Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kiss - Love Gun

This weekend we had some Kiss fever here in Sweden, with the Hottest band in the world, here for two shows, one in Stockholm(Saturday) and one in Malmö(Sunday), all this in the middle of the Love 2010 festival, so it suited just fine with a Kiss. I was based in Stockholm, Stadion and had a ruff but nice week.

Kiss rides in style.

The show in Stockholm also include two Swedish support bands, Mustasch and Europe witch i will come back to tomorrow. Kiss did of course a marvelous show with loads of effects like bangs, shoots and lightning effects (I wonder how much they spend on pyro at each show?) the show in total was pretty similar to the last time they visit Sweden, overall it was a ok show. It missed a few tunes that i would like to hear like "I Stole Your Love", "Strutter", "Rocket Ride"

Here is a clip from O2 Islington Academy March 2 2010

Here is a clip from Aftonbladet just before they entred the stage in Stockholm.

A funny thing was that a friend of mine that works as a tech with Europe only did this gig to be able to make a call to his friends in Hellacopters and Backyard Babies (all of the guys are huge fans of Kiss) to say to them that now Kiss is entering the stage and i am leaving :) - He do not like Kiss!

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