Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Well - Refuge

Today it's time to present category six (Free Card) from the annual hard rock evening that is always on eve of Twelfth Night. Through these three "free cards", we will leave the theme and the red thread and looking outside the box. Of course, influences remain partially but that's not what was focus when these songs were selected. It just happened to be so :)

So the first "Free Card" is inspired by early 70's psych and proto-metal, Austin-based power trio The Well redefine heavy rock by merging massive riffs with sophisticated melodies. The Well have created a sound that reflects doom, punk and horror all rolled together in a ghostly rock soundtrack. Their full-length debut, "Samsara", is their strongest collection of songs to date. Produced by Mark Deutrom and released through Riding Easy Records, the masterwork is a stripped down, electric blues fuzzfest.

This years line up of categories was:

1. Best 70's - Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
2. Best 80's - Candlemass - Solitude
3. Best 90's - Sleep - Dragonaut
4. Best 00's - Grand Magus - Kingslayer
5. Best 10's - Windhand - Orchard
6. Free Card - The Well - Refuge
7. Free Card
8. Free Card

Todays tune "Refuge" taken from Samsara is released via RidingEasy Records on 23rd September 2014.

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