Monday, 13 November 2017

Night - Raft of the World

Monday, new week, time to introduce "Record Of The Week"

"Raft of the World" is the third album by the Swedish rockers NIGHT .

A band that mixing an old school rock with classic NWOBHM, with good and groovy songs, great rock vocals and bombastic riffs makes these guys third release a real joy to play. The new album holds 9 tunes of pure rock music were the band explores new territories and reconnects with the force that burns strong within.
The record opens up with the masterpiece "Fire Across The Sky", magic intro riffing and souring rocky vocals, a tune that set's the starting point of how things will sound like on the rest of the album. "Surrender" keeps the pace and it's a very melodic piece with great riffs and a rhythm section that really delivers a great soundscape. And it follows up with the more bombastic "Under the Gallows". A bassline that smooths the tune with it's white glows, a real groovy guitar solo that kicks ass! The short acoustic one minute "Omberg" is really nice. "Time", the first single and today's tune is a classic rocker. "Strike Of Lightning" another rocker with a stomping melody, great signing. The tempo rises in the next upbeat tune "Winds" where the bassist and drummer are in the spotlight, amazing tune! "Coin In A Fountain" have a old Western movie feeling, half paced, touchy and emotional, slow and very beautiful. The album closes on high ground with "Where Silence Awaits", wailing twin guitars, great hocks, groovy rhythms and scream vocals. 

Sum: "Raft Of The World" is great album if you dig the early NWOBHM-inspired Swedish heavy metal then this is for you. Recommended!

NIGHT are:

Oskar Andersson - vocals & guitar
Calle Englund - guitar
Sammy Ouirra - bass

Today's tune "Time" is taken from Nights third album "Raft of the World", released 1st of September on The Sign Records.

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