Friday 30 August 2013

Zara Larsson - Uncover

Rockbjörnen is a music prize in Sweden, divided into several categories, which is awarded annually by the newspaper Aftonbladet. The magazine's web browser appoint laureates. The prize was first awarded in 1979, and is mostly centered on pop and rock.

2010 they decided to redo Rockbjörnen and focus more on live performances. This initiative was hailed by artists and industry. The period of Rockbjörnen was extended with the concept of development from one month to three months (all summer).

Well it was a pretty strange evening at Gröna Lund and if you take a closer look on what the menu is offering during this evening you start to wonder if it's time to start think about chance the name from Rockbjörnen to Popbjörnen (Rockbear to Popbear) as to be honest, there is not much rock left here.
After a short chat with Sabaton, one of the Rock band that was nominated, they felt pretty lost in there, the same feeling I believe Lizette & and Ghost had.

Anyway, here you got this years winners:

Foreign Song of the year: Passenger: ”Let her go”
Livegroup of the year: Mando Diao
Swedish Concert of the year: Håkan Hellström
Hardrock/Metal of the year: Sabaton
Swedish Song of the year: Håkan Hellström ”Det kommer aldrig vara över för mig”
Breakthrough of the year: Zara Larsson
Male Artist of the year: Håkan Hellström
Female Artist of the year: Zara Larsson

And then we need to pick a song from this event. Well this years breakthrough was pretty cool, a 15 year old girl that sings awesome.

Zara received national fame for winning the TV4 talent show Talang 2008, the Swedish version of Got Talent. She is currently signed to TEN Music Group since 2012. She had a breakthrough with her debut EP album Introducing, released in January 2013, with the single "Uncover" topping the charts in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Both the single "Uncover" as well as the album Introducing were certified triple platinum in July 2013 by Universal Music Sweden. Zara signed with Sony Music Entertainment in the United States in April 2013. She lives with her mother, father and her one sister.

Todays tune "Uncover" is taken from the EP Introducing. Enjoy!

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