Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trivium - Becoming The Dragon

A bit of pause from Sonisphere, in a couple of weeks when Stones comes from
Gothenburg we will put out some more pics from Sonisphere Sweden.
He worked day and night in 1 ½ week now and its still shit left down
in "Stora Skuggan" saw it today and its a bit..just a bit dryer but
still its all muddy and u can see its been a festival there :)

So today I will play a band that I thought of being quite good.


They are a American band from Florida and they formed in 1999.
Released 4 studio album and the 5th is on its way.
n an interview with STV, Heafy has said: “Things are great and its definitely preparing us for our next record which is what we have been prepping for and we have been writing for it.

“It’s going to be and has to be the best record we have ever done.
Every record we say that but this is going to be definitive,
this is going to be the one.”

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto adds: “We have been rehearsing full new songs at soundchecks and stuff. We have a lot of new ideas and every year we talk about what we want the album to be and we are still in the stages of finding where I think it’s going to be and it’s starting to shape up right now. We just have tons of material written already and after this tour, [we'll] take a small break and then we’re hitting the warehouse where we rehearse and write the music and we’re going to start demoing and hopefully we’ll get it started by the summer and finished by the fall.”

Peace Brothers and Sisters, Thetania

More info, go to www.trivium.org/

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