Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Warrior Soul - Bad News Rock and Roll Boyfriend

The Sonisphere festival is here so Tune Of The Day will of course follow this event from the first building day, the festival day and the tear it down days.
Before Tune Of The Day will move to the next festival :)

This is the site view.

Play list

This is the 2:nd year for the touring festival Sonisphere. As for last year it was headlined by Metallica that did a 2 hrs show and this year its Iron Maiden turn to do the same.

Today we take the first act on stage on Saturday, it's an American heavy metal band Warrior Soul, that was formed 1988 by lead singer Kory Clarke.
They released 10 albums between 1990 - 2009.
2002 their drummer Mark Evans that play on the first 3 albums got murdered.

After Sonisphere they will play in Athens, Greece at Gargarin 205 on the 24th october.

Dudes and Dudettes Warrior Soul.

Peace, Thetania

Here is some pictures from the festival area, day 2

Apollo stage in building mode

Nothing has happend to the Saturn stage yet, building will start tomorrow.

Emergency Houses

Apollo Later on during the day

Apollo a few hours later

Apollo stage even later

More info @ The Official Warrior Soul Myspace Page

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