Sunday, 8 August 2010

Mötley Crüe - Mutherfucker Of The Year

We are going to continue with Sonisphere, and specially for u all in Finland
that couldnt see Mötley Crüe ´cos the stupid storm fucked their backline.
Thankfully the two people (from the audience) most seriously injured
are no longer critical.

As Bruce Dickinson announced on stage as he gave a rallying call to the crowd and introduced Alice Cooper: “The stage over there is completely fucked.
Mötley Crüe’s stuff is fucked and our stuff is fucked, but we don’t care.
We’re not going home until you go home.”
Now thats Bruce!
Bruce also said before the set’s finale:
“This is one of the most amazing concerts of my whole life.
We were pissed on by the gods and we pissed on the gods right back.
For those of you that have rocked we fucking salute you.”

Both Alice Cooper and Iron Maiden played full sets.
While the stage hands plugged in 30 hairdryers and set to work on salvaging the situation, Alice’s band got busy borrowing functioning (and most importantly dry) gear from Slayer. It could well be the loudest they’ve ever sounded.

Back to the band of today :)

Ill play a tune from the 2008 album "Saints of Los Angeles"
It is Mötley Crüe´s ninth studio album, and the first to feature the band's
classic line-up since Generation Swine.
Nikki Sixx stated in his blog that he believes the band are
"on to some of the better songs [they've] had in years"

They formed in L.A. back in 1981 and famed for their constant
bad behaviour and brushes with the law,
Mötley Crüe were the leaders of the hair metal scene of the 80s.
Few bands could claim to have consumed or indulged more
than Mötley Crüe have over the course of their career,
and in 2010 they’ll be bringing their Carnival of Sins to Sonisphere.
You have been warned! Moohaha.

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Chief Rebel Angel said...

Saints Of Los Angeles är verkligen en oväntat bra platta.
Hade noll förväntningar på den, men den håller fint, faktiskt. Och just den här låten är ju en pärla. Tack!

Thetania said...

Ja det e jue det, har lixom aldrig gillat dom så där bus mkt men nikki sixx tände ljuset för mig och jag gillar det nu.