Monday, 27 October 2008

The Hellacopters - In The Sign of Octopus

Todays tune is with a tear in the eye, after 4 shows this weekend with The Hellacopters and the farwell tour has hit its end.
The first day (Saturday) with one show at 13:00 CET for all the Copters familys, friends and other VIPs was great first of four sold out goodbyes. The evening show was even better, the band was really thrilled and gave all they got and this evening show, something happened with the electricity on stage. Some jackass thrown some beer in the sky and some of it got thrown at the lightningdesk which collapsed the lighting system. Soon after that the stage power got nuts and for some unknown reason Kenny bassamp died and one minute later all monitors onstage started to feedback LOUD and Nick got Electrocuted from his mic and took a flight back, the band walked of stage, Nick was so pissed that he coulnt finish the show (though they had only little over one song left), Nick is ok after all.
Sunday morning was a really a quiet one, all members was very down in the mood (allmost that someone has died) you could feel it in the air.
The 3:rd show was a allages, so the house was crowded with kids and no beer in the bar (Got some of the older once a little crumpy that they had to drink cola :))
The guys went up and gave the kids a superb show the audience got crazy, they almost tear down the place when 'Dregen' entred the stage. The final, last and 4:th one was the true climax of this weekend at Debaser.
The guys was tierd, no doubt about that, but they find some extra energy and they gave 110%, even if the middle things was a little bit longer than usal. The heat inside was lika a sauna and he guys looked like they came in from the shower with out touching a tovel and this already half way thru the show.
When they started on the last songs, loads of flowers was flying up on stage.
Audience was crying and that was a really strange feeling.
When the band finally went of stage the audience was clapping and crying and even i could notice the emptyness and the tears.
This was a great final of a magical thing.
The Hellacopters is dead, Long live The Hellacopters.

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David Snusgrop said...

Yep, a very sad weekened indeed. But at least they quit while they were still ahead, which more performers should do.