Saturday, 25 October 2008

The Hellacopters - Hopeless Case Of A Kid In Denial

The Hellacopters are a Swedish rock band that was formed in 1994, and have released six full
length albums of their own material, a cover album, two compilations of non album work, six EPs,
and many other official releases.
In October of 2007 the band officially announced their break up after an extensive European tour and the release of a double disc live album.
The band was, together with The Hives, one of the most important Swedish bands in the garage rock revival and one of the most influential rock bands in Sweden.

Frontman Nick Royale will continue to work with his other band Death Breath and record a solo record of some sort later on. He also syas that he would like to record and tour once again with his soul band The Solution, but due to all of the diffrent members involment with other projects, finding time for everyone to record and tour is difficult.
Robert Dahlqvist will return to his own band Thunder Express, with which he plans to release a swedish record with lyrics from Stefan Sundström under the name 'Dunder Tåget'.
Kenny Håkansson will form a band with the drummer of the danish rock band Baby Woodrose, the currently untitled band is described as 'psychadelic rock a'la 1971'.
Robert Eriksson will do work with his currently unsigned band Tramp and work at a music youth center.

This weekend the hellacopters will play thier last shows, 4 sold out concerts @ Debaser / Stockholm and guess who will be there :)
So, i will give you all some classic tunes from these fellows one today and one tomorrow i hope you will like them as much as i do!

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The Last Shows Ever - Live (2008-10-20)
The Hellacopters finals gigs live for all their fans on MySpace

The Hellacopters invites all their fans and friends world wide to see their
final gigs ever, live streamed on , October 25 and 26.

Earlier this year, The Hellacopters announced that they are putting an end
to it. For good. 13 years of being the Rockn'Roll ministers of Sweden, the
Popes of Powerpop, the Caesars of Scandinavian Rockugallia is right now
ending with a final tour of sold out concerts all over the Nordics, and 2
days of pure rock at the 4 sold out gigs at Debaser Medis in Stockholm.

And just as intensely as they have always done full throttle and stepped on
the gas every single second they have been on stage - just as intensely they
want to go out. And they want all their friends to join.

The four final gigs of The Hellacopters will be live streamed in MySpace HD
quality on their page

Saturday, October 25th, 12.30 and 21:00 (CET)

Sunday October 26th, 15:00 and 21:00 (CET)

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