Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Eagles of Death Metal - Complexity

Hello !

Friday, November 13th was a bloody and sad day.
I don't normally think that Friday the 13 is something special other than a DAMN GOOD DAY!

But last Friday I was in tears over the attacks in Paris that killed approximately 130 people.

Violence, killing, suicide bombings and all the ongoing brutalities of war, persons shot down by automatic weapons attending the EAGLES OF DEATH METAL show at the Le Bataclan concert hall in Paris, Football Stadium, Restaurants...... its a tragedy.

Among the people that lost their life there was a person that we in the music business cared for a lot, Nick Alexander who worked at Eagles of Death Metal's merchandise table was shot to death, his ex girlfriend the Catering hostess was shot in her leg and couldn't save him.... must have been a horrified moment. Nick have been touring with Cat Stevens, Damon Albarn, The Black Keys, Panic! at the Disco, Sum 41, Fall Out Boy among others. I feel grief for her and send his family all the condolences in the world.

We at Tune of The Day sends Love and Strength to all of those affected by this disaster.

At social medias like Facebook and others, many have asked, why do this in Paris get so much attention?

A friend of mine Mattias had a very good explanation why ....

"It feels a little sad to not being able to show empathy to all the suffering caused by conflicts taking place in the world right now. 
There are many wars and many affected.. As a human being it is difficult to take it all in. For me, the attack against France is different from all other attacks and conflicts. 
France is a country that has shaped our modern civilization, and the way we are thinking today. 
It is also a member state of the EU and thus, our own countryman that has been wounded.

The city that was attacked is a known world symbol of love, culture, freedom, equality and fraternity. 

This has been directly attacked by the massacre that took place at the Boulevard Voltaire. 3 bombs were targeted at an international football game and thus directly aimed at the sport event, an event which main purpose is to unite the world's nations and preserve the world peace. 
A brutal attack on a music concert, was an attack on the world's culture and an attack on McDonald's, as well as other finer restaurants was an attack on everyone's shopping trip or city trip.

All the attacks had one thing in common. They were not aimed at a person, but against the civilization as a whole. Making everyone at risk of getting in trouble. 
Six attacks occurred so close together time-wise and was spread out over the city with clearly chosen areas as targets, indicating a great mental effort being used to get the maximum horror spread in the world. This makes the attack in my view far greater than all other attacks and its effect must have the opposite effect than the intended - a united and loving world. Therefore, the country deserves this extra support which the world is now showing. unfair or not."

It explains exactly what I feel.

It doesnt mean that I dont care for the horribel situations in Syria, Beirut and other places in war, 
we do.....

I despise the Islamic state... WHAT RIGHT do they have to call themselves that name anyway.
Islam is something holy, NOT A KILLING SECT... 
Let me show you a video about it.


There are people that have belief, that is Islam and its NOT violent.
These other maniacs are NOT Islamic they are hating (Zombies) people with a weapon in their hands.

We at Tune Of The Day Condemns these actions!!!!!!!!!! 


So today's tune "Complexity" is with EAGLES OF DEATH METAL, the rock band that played at Le Bataclan when this horrified event occurred.  The tune is rooted in Hughes and Homme's predilection for classic rock & roll, and is propelled by a hip-shaking backbeat and the persistent plunk of a piano.

Ladys and Gents here are Eagles of Death Metal.

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