Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Year Of The Goat - The Emma

Swedish occult doom rock act YEAR OF THE GOAT will release their new album "The Unspeakable" on July 31 via Napalm Records. In anticipation, the band has released a new song and lyric video for "The Emma".

YEAR OF THE GOAT invite us to celebrate their second full length album "The Unspeakable". The Swedes indulge in occult doom rock full of blackened heart`s blood and elegiac melody lines that will haunt your dreams.

Lucifer is not fallen, he is the force that rises above such silly concepts as moral absolutes and eternal torture for non and petty crimes.

YEAR OF THE GOAT, while recognizing that the 60’s and 70’s saw the birth of true genius within the performance of dark art, aim is to abolish time and make you see it for the illusion it is - sinister gospels with properly dank atmospheres can be created whenever and wherever.

The band consists of:

Thomas Sabbathi vocals, guitar
Marcus Lundberg guitar
Don Palmroos guitar
Fredrik Hellerström drums
Tobias Resch bass
Pope mellotron,vocal

In these times of global upheaval YEAR OF THE GOAT will add fire to chaos and ignite the branches spread out for Christ by his flock to further the triumphal return of a Lord that never left… So rejoice in sin, every hour and every second is yours and yours only, just like every year is, and always has been, the YEAR OF THE GOAT!
- The Emma

Today's tune "The Emma" is taken from the upcoming album "The Unspeakable", set to release on July 31. The new single is a brilliant piece of art and I am really looking forward to hear the album in the end of next month. So what are you waiting for....??? Hit play for gods sake!

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