Sunday, January 24, 2010

ZZ Top - La Grange

Time for another classic tune!!!
ZZ Top have done many butt kicking songs.
They have influences from BB King, Freddy King,
Moody Waters etc.

ZZ Top are Billy Gibbons vocals and guitar,
Joseph Dusty Hill vocals, bass, and keyboards,
and Frank Beard drums and percussion.

One of their concert when they werent that known,
they came in with Boots (Cowboy boots)
Jeans and a cowboy hat.
The audience felt like HORROR Oh noo country music,
then Beard hit his drums, then they knew :D

To be only 3 guys they sound very good.
ZZ Top started back in 1969 they are
from Texas. One can really hear that
when they start talking :)

ZZ Top almost always appear in public wearing sunglasses
(a practice that predates by a decade their 1979
song "Cheap Sunglasses").
Gibbons and Hill wear similar black clothing
(usually biker leathers)
and black cowboy hats or baseball caps.
Gibbons may wear black biker boots and
neck chains with beer can openers.
Although Gibbons and Hill wear chest-length beards,
drummer Beard sports only a trimmed mustache.

Ill give you La Grange, with a crazy audience
(I kinda recognise the securitys work hehe) :)
And of course with ZZ Top!!

Cheers Dudes and Dudettes, Thetania

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