Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Zodiac Panthers - Primal Astrology

Crazed, stripped-down glitter/gutter rock from North Carolina. ZODIAC PANTHERS with their new single and video "Primal Astrology" shaking life in any old skeleton, even the old relics of RAMONES wake to life when the rythms of this trio lets loose.

On hitting play the listener is immediately drawn to the best of CBGBs on the late ’70s with the carefree low slung guitar and bass combinations pumped along by a busy drumkit with the slurried vocal rounding out the sound.

Appropriately all over in less than two and three quarters, such is its infectious nature the audience finds themselves chanting along with the chorus on first play through.

This is pure rock’n’roll, what else is needed?

Primal garage punk band from Wilmington, NC featuring husband and wife, Johnny and Angela Yeagher.

Vocals/Guitar - Johnny
Drums/Backing Vocals - Angela
Bass - Doug "Goose" Duncan

Today's tune "Primal Astrology", Video clip taken from the movie Bad Batch, enjoy!

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