Monday, April 25, 2011

Angelic Upstarts - I'm An Upstart

Angelic Upstarts concludes Pretty Shitty Kjell festival at the club and make it brilliant. To summarize the festival, there's only one word, Great! Kjell Hell and Pretty Shitty Town made a marvelous work to make this happen.

When it was time for the Angelic Upstarts to get up so was the crowd was crazy and the guys in the band looked happier than ever, even the little me enjoyed the event. Got a chance to take some photographs for real when it was time for the last band to get up on stage and share some pictures from the gig also get you another song with the Angelic Upstarts.

Todays tune "I'm An Upstart” was released as a single 6 Apr 1979. This clip is Angelic Upstarts performing I'm an Upstart Morecambe 1997, notice the extra dancer they have :)

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PSK Crew said...


Vi vill gärna ha så mycket bilder vi kan. Sådana som vi kan använda på våran hemsida mm. Och om det blir som plannerat kommer en DVD släppas av våran festival.

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