Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Chemical Brothers - Galvanize

Heya all!
I finally got Stones to give me some pics of Way Our West.
Here we have the entrance of Way Out West!

The Little pond Villa Belparc

Shout Out Louds on stage

Fridays headliner M.I.A

The guy we had on tune of the day 2 days ago Paul Weller

Here we have Wu-Tang Clan

Godik´s Toilet Wagons was decorated with some funny paintings.

Over to Tune of the Day of Today :)
Ive chosen a band that play 22:30 today at the stage Flamingo.
The Chemical Brothers!
The British electronic music duo Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons.

Their first name was The Dust Brothers,The Dust Brothers completed work on their Fourteenth Century Sky EP, released in January 1994. It contained the ground-breaking "Chemical Beats", which epitomized the duo's genre-defining big beat sound, later taken up by Fatboy Slim and many more.

In March 1995, The Dust Brothers began their first international tour, which included the United States – where they played with Orbital and Underworld – then a series of European festivals. Also around this time, the original Dust Brothers threatened legal action over the use of their name, and so Rowlands and Simons had to decide on a new name quickly. They decided to then call themselves "The Chemical Brothers" after "Chemical Beats" (Simons' grandmother had suggested they call themselves "The Grit Brothers").

They did 7 studio albums and the latest came out 2010.
This tune comes from their fifth album "Push the Button"

Dig it, Thetania

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