Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Misery Index - New Salem

Baltimore, Maryland, death metal outfit MISERY INDEX has released two tunes from their upcoming album is titled "Rituals of Power" and will hit streets on March 8 through Season of Mist.

The album was recorded last year with producer and engineer Erik Rutan (MORBID ANGEL, CANNIBAL CORPSE) and subsequently mixed by Will Putney (PIG DESTROYER, COUNTERPARTS).

MISERY INDEX has announced new European dates together with WORMROT and TRUTH CORRODED in the spring of 2019. The "Rituals Of Power: Phase 1" tour sees the band traveling through eight countries with a final curtain at the Turock in Essen, Germany before the festival season begins.

The artwork for "Rituals Of Power" was created by Raphael Gabrio

Today's tune "New Salem", a brand new video from MISERY INDEX. The song is taken from the band's new album, "Rituals Of Power". A video for the track, directed by Paul McGuire, enjoy!

Upcoming Tourdates:

MAR 05 Umeda CLub Quattro Melt-Banana Tuesday, 7:00PM Ōsaka-shi, Japan
MAR 06 Shibuya club QUATTRO Melt-Banana Wednesday, 7:00PM Shibuya-ku, Japan
MAR 23 Heidelberg Deathfest Saturday, 7:00PM Heidelberg, Germany
MAR 24 Z-Bau Nürnberg Sunday, 8:00PM Nürnberg, Germany
MAR 25 Escape Metalcorner Monday, 7:00PM Wien, Austria
MAR 26 Melodka Tuesday, 7:00PM Brno-střed, Czech Republic
MAR 27 Chemiefabrik Wednesday, 7:00PM Dresden, Germany
MAR 28 Goldgrube Thursday, 7:00PM Kassel, Germany
MAR 29 Cassiopeia Club Friday, 7:00PM Berlin, Germany
MAR 30 Grindhoven Fest Saturday, 7:00PM Eindhoven, Netherlands
MAR 31 Backstage Sunday, 7:00PM Munich, Germany
APR 01 Werk 21 Monday, 7:00PM Zürich, Switzerland
APR 02 Circolo Magnolia Tuesday, 7:00PM Segrate, Italy
APR 03 Usine Wednesday, 7:00PM Genf, Switzerland
APR 04 Glazart Thursday, 7:00PM Paris, France
APR 05 JH Zenith vzw Friday, 7:00PM Dendermonde, Belgium
APR 06 Turock Saturday, 7:00PM Essen, Germany
JUN 28 Protzen Open Air Friday, 7:00PM Protzen, Germany
JUL 04 Obsene Extreme Festival Thursday, 7:00PM Trutnov, Czech Republic
JUL 06 Resurrection Fest Saturday, 7:00PM Viveiro, Spain

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Monday, 14 January 2019

Chapel Of Disease - ...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye

Monday, time to introduce this years first "Record Of The Week"

German Death Metal legends CHAPEL OF DISEASE released their 3rd full length album "…And As We Have Seen The Storm", We Have Embraced The Eye” released the 23rd of November 2018.

"…And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye" is a 6 track of electrifying death with a great blend of styles and many unexpected turns that makes this a 47 minutes amazing musical experience.

You will get all from melodic and heavy part, amazing guitar works, guttural vocals, death metal, black metal rock, even Mark Knopfler will play a solo for you, well the last one is not true, but it sounds like him (: It's a very creative album.

The album opens up with a impressing tune "Void Of Words", guitar picking, massive chaotic drumming, wonderful melody, guttural vocals along with amazing melodic guitar work and a neatly guitar ending aka Mark Knopfler and the tune ends beautifully and continues onto the next  "Oblivious / Obnoxious / Defiant" with a more sharper layout, stylish loops with cleaver solos in a tune that builds up along the way, the melodic and monotone guitar sling in the end gives me goose bumps. In "Song of the Gods" that starts with a long guitar flicker intro before a enthralling guitar sling takes over and begins the tune, the sling lives true the tune that really sounds great. The forth tune "Null" is one of the longest track on the album, over 9 minutes of chugs, hard riffing, violent drumming and a harsh vocal with a very melodic riffing and the bluesy mid piece that comes from nowhere and I just love it. "1.000 Different Paths" starts of as a doomy goth piece, very melodic and with a vocal that reminds of Jaz Coleman. Half way thru the tune changes shapes to an instrumental love pit. The album ends with "The Sound Of Shallow Grey", the second long running tune on the album, with it's 9 plus minutes forces true on all fronts, melodic and riffy.

"…And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye" is an excellent album that would have been placed high on the years best off list if it had come to my knowledge earlier, got this on my lap in the middle of December.   

Sum: A fantastic surprise that you can't be without when you give it a turn.

The band consists of:

Laurent T. (Vox & Guitars)
Cedric T. (Guitars)
Christian K. (Bass)
David D. (Drums)

Today's tune "Song Of The Gods" taken from the 3rd album " ...And As We Have Seen The Storm, We Have Embraced The Eye", enjoy!

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Sunday, 13 January 2019

AC/DC - Sin City

Sunday, last category to play off at the Twelfth Night, 5th of January.

1. A Band That Should Have Been Bigger:
2. Highfaluting:
3. Best Right Now:
4. Twin Guitars:
5. Best Textstrophe:
6. It Swings:
7. Afterparty:
8. Bonus:

Afterparty, a category where you want to hear a tune that works on an afterparty. Here my idea was to pick something that can work as a background, even if you chill with a beer, your legs shall be moving without your notice. So the tune have to be something everyone recon, more of a great classic. So I decided to pick "Killing In The Name" with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE.

SAXON "Princess Of The Night" - Holm (Perfect)
KREATOR "World War Now"- M Öbrink (Heavy Stuff)
HCSS "My Sanctuary" - Hellan (HARDCORE SUPERSTAR on an afterparty, oh yeah)
TURBONEGRO "Part II: Well Hello" - P Öbrink (Turbo always work)
MUSTASCH "Liberta"- Eriksdotter (A tune that works well on an afterparty)
BLACK REAPER "Reapers From The Past" - Sandström (Great tune, but will this work?)
AC/DC "Sin City" - Chief Rebel (Excellent Choice)
No tune here, Jens has left the building - Jens
RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE "Killing In The Name" - Stones

Today's tune "Sin City" was picked by Chief Rebel, excellent choice for an Afterparty and a nice nod to Nicke, who was the original host for this event, but his sewer pipe broke down the day before and had to cancel it, but luckily our best friend Hellan waved his hand and saved the evening, well-done bro.

The Video is a clip from the movie features AC/DC live at the Pavillion De Paris on December 9, 1979, during the tour that would be singer Bon Scott's last. After almost ten minutes of glimpses at the backstage life, the real movie starts as the band is introduced playing live on stage. Although the band is still in their '70s minimalist era with few stage effects and pyrotechnics, the live performance is considered one of the best and most energetic of their career. The live concert is intercut with quasi-fictional interviews with the members of the band. The interviews took place in Reims, France, two days before the concert.

Phil Rudd ... Himself (drummer) (as AC/DC)
Ronald Belford Scott ... Himself (lead singer) (as Bon Scott)
Cliff Williams ... Himself (bassist) (as AC/DC)
Angus Young ... Himself (lead guitarist) (as AC/DC)
Malcolm Young ... Himself (rhythm guitarist) (as AC/DC)


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Saturday, 12 January 2019

Hank Von Hell - Pretty Decent Exposure

Category six, we are closing in, let's see what got played during the "Hardrock Evening" that when off at the Twelfth Night, 5th of January.

1. A Band That Should Have Been Bigger:
2. Highfaluting:
3. Best Right Now:
4. Twin Guitars:
5. Best Text Strophe:
6. It Swings:
7. After Party:
8. Bonus:

"It Swings", this one I like, to pick a tune that swings was pretty easy, a tune that make your boody move should be the trick, so my first choice was RIVAL SONS with the tune "Keep On Swinging", the tune was a success at the evening :)

Here is the line up for "It Swings"

SULPHUR AEON "Lungs Into Gills" - Sandström (Heavy piece)
DIRT FORGE "Stone" - Chief Rebel (Another new one from Chief, sounds great)
OZZY "S.A.T.O." - Holm (Cool choice)
LIK "The Deranged" - M Öbrink (Great tune)
METAL ALLEGIANCE "Can’t Kill The Devil" - Hellan (Heavy rocker)
HANK VON HELVETE "Pretty Decent Exposure" - Eriksdotter (Great tune)
DEATH ALLEY "Headlights In The Dark"  - P Öbrink (Bluesy rock piece)
RIVAL SONS "Keep On Swinging" - Stones
No pick from Jens (He left the building)

Well this wasn't easy to pick from, but I did like "Pretty Decent Exposure" with HANK VON HELVETE, enjoy! The live clip starts at 03:25 with today's tune.

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