Sunday, July 3, 2016

Deep Purple - Hard Lovin' Man

Sunday, time for a classic.

Yesterday did the classic band DEEP PURPLE visit Stockholm and Gröna Lund for the second time in 2 weeks, as on 14 June 2016, Ian Paice suffered a transient ischaemic attack, or mini stroke. This led to DEEP PURPLE cancelling two concerts planned in Sweden that week. He said after the incident that there was "no serious or permanent damage" and expected to return to performing in July. He added that the cancelled concerts were the first DEEP PURPLE performances of which he had forced the cancellation since his co-founding of the band in 1968. He returned to stage with DEEP PURPLE in Gothenburg on 1 July and 2 July in Stockholm, playing a full and unadjusted setlist with the band.

The show was great, even if you can hear that the guys are getting old they still can rock.

Two power chords kick off the album's closer, before Glover's bass provides the rhythmic intro. Blackmore's guitar is folded in, then Paice and Lord join in before the vocals start. Gillan lets loose on this track and Blackmore performs a few "pre-Eddie Van Halen" guitar histrionics during the final minute-and-a-half.

Jon Lord used both the Leslie speaker and a Marshall amplifier with his Hammond organ, therefore the organ sound varies a lot throughout the songs. (Example: "Living Wreck" – Leslie speaker, "Hard Lovin' Man" – Marshall amplifier). And now with Don Airey, Live he uses, the Hammond goes into two hot-rodded 122 Leslies and a Hughes and Kettner Puretone 100-watt amp driving a 4 x 12 cabinet.


Highway Star
Hard Lovin' Man
Strange Kind of Woman
Vincent Price
Contact Lost
Uncommon Man
The Well-Dressed Guitar
Demon's Eye
Hell to Pay
Keyboard Solo (Don Airey ABBA Theme SOS,… more )
Perfect Strangers
Space Truckin'
Smoke on the Water

Hush (Joe South cover)
Bass Solo (Roger Glover)
Black Night (Incl. guitar snippet of The Final Countdown)

Today's tune "Hard Lovin' Man", Live Concert at Montreux 2011, Switzerland. The tune is taken from the album "In Rock", 1970.

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